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The Sacred Sisters and I have created such a strong bond over a short 3 days. Jo and Emma have made a fantastic program for teenage girls. Tears, laughter and joy were shared, and we all learnt so much about ourselves.
J xx

Testimonials fromTeachers  & Parents

The Sacred Sister Project workshops facilitated by Jo Hendy were enjoyed immensely by our Year 6 cohort. The girls were able to express their feelings and explore their inner thoughts in a safe, caring and supportive environment. Topics covered in Jo’s workshops were relevant to issues faced by girls today and were also in line with our own school’s well-being mission. Jo’s professionalism was admirable and her compassionate nature ensured she developed a wonderful rapport with the girls and they delighted in her visit each week. The girls left each workshop feeling inspired, empowered and valued.

Krystle Devine
Teaching & Learning Coordinator
Palm Beach Primary School

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