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Upcoming Events

  • Mother & Daughter Workshop
    26 June, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm AEST
    CWA, 43 Ventura Rd, Mermaid Beach QLD 4218, Australia
    A beautiful way to connect, align, create more space and gain a little more understanding for our daughters and our mothers.
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Mother & Daughter Workshop

Hello Mums, Daughters, Grandmas, Guardians, Step mums and all that have had the privilege of watching a young girl evolve, even the young girl in YOU.

I have had many teachers, gurus, shamans share their different teachings with me along this always changing evolving path, but none have been as real, honest and open as the one I have shared with my daughter Jaali. She has taught me many many lessons, has crack my heart on numerous occasions, had me clinging to my phone many times, worried sick (i've lost count), and cracking with bouts of laughter until I peed...many times. I would'nt change anything for the world. She is by far the biggest teacher in my life. This is why we wanted to create this workshop......

Together we will share:

  • Our journey

  • How to shift controlling to trusting

  • Creating "Safe Time" within the relationship

  • Seeing each other as equals

  • Being as open and honest with each other

  • Creating a bond that is unbreakable

and much more. 

This workshop is interactive, both Mum & Daughter will need to participate with an open heart, a lot of willingness and a decision to want to create change together (if that is what is needed). Please if you have any questions we are here to support. This workshop is open to all ages.

Much Love

Jo Hendy DP Holistic Counseling

Jaali Hendy 


About The Sacred Sister Project

​The Sacred Sister Project is a workshop designed to take our beautiful girls on a safe, exploratory and revealing journey to the inner world of their thoughts and feelings and carries them through to a place of clarity about the outer world of social and life obligations and opportunities.  It has been specifically created to give our girls the best chance to tap into that deep sacred feminine power that resides in them.  We intend to help them find that balance between self love and acceptance and motivation and inspiration to be the best they can be.


Our Sacred Sister School Program for 2021

We are delighted to now offer fully aligned programs for our sacred sisters in school just adding a touch of


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Aligning with the Australian Curriculum


Critical & Creative Thinking - Personal & Social Capability

In the HPE curriculum students’ gain knowledge, understanding and skills to help them achieve  successful outcomes in the classroom, leisure, social, and online situations. Students learn how to take positive action to enhance their own and others’ wellbeing. They do this as they examine the nature of their relationships and other factors that influence their own and other people’s beliefs, attitudes, opportunities, decisions, behaviours, and actions. 

 Students assess the impact on the wellbeing of relationships and valuing diversity. They analyze factors that influence emotional responses. They investigate strategies and practices that enhance their own, others’ identity. 

It is expected that all students at appropriate intervals across the continuum of learning from Year 3 to Year 10 will learn about the following: 

• people who are important to them

• strategies for relating to and interacting with others

• assertive behaviour and standing up for themselves

• establishing and managing changing relationships (offline and online)


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Mindful Teens

Dealing with Social Media

  1. Responsibility / Reactivity

  2. How to be mindful in responses

  3. Being a conscious contributor

  4. Empowering self and others

  1. Responsibility versus Reactivity- These two can ultimately have a prominent effect on social media platforms, the simple way we can react to a post, blog, or comment can change the outcome. Here are some great steps to take before we react and/or respond:

  • Take a breath- Always draw a nice deep breath before we respond to any matter, this allows the heart rate to slow down, it allows our mind to gather itself and reconnect to our heart space it also allows us to ground into a much better authentic place to start from. 

This is just some of the wonderful processes we run with our 2021 school programs.

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The Sacred Sister Transition Program

For Girls moving from primary school to high school

Starting at a new school is a normal part of life for girls. However, for some, it can create mixed feelings of stress, anxiety, excitement, and nervousness. These feelings can be due to the insecurity associated with change as well as changes that are occurring in young girls at this time in their lives.

The Sacred Sister Project’s Transition Program is a workshop designed to help our girls with the shift from Primary school to High school. Through years of research and chatting with girls and parents, we have found that at this time there is a crucial turning point for them. They either find the transition to be exciting and fun or they find it to be daunting and challenging. 

We created this program as a follow-on and a power-up from our original TSSP workshop, although it can be run on its own. We go a little deeper with each process, as the girls move into a more mature environment, we delve more into Self-Acceptance and Social Acceptance with our main goal always to empower each girl to discover her own uniqueness and to feel comfortable with this.  We endeavor to have their well-being at the highest point.

These experiences contribute to personal development and the formulation of one’s identity, which is a beautiful realisation. 

If you are a Teacher or Parent and would like The Sacred Sister project to participate at your school please click the link below.


Holistic Counseling

with Jo Hendy

Are you ready to start living your best life?

Bohemian Girl

Let's get CURIOUS and not so SERIOUS

If we're not observing and allowing our thoughts to just be, then they are controlling us!

Lets FREE our thoughts and stop them from owning us

Learn More

Testimonials from Students

The Sacred Sister Project has changed my life. I'm closer with my friends, made new lifelong friends and overall let emotions, that I didnt know I had, FREE. I thought that I didnt need this but on the inside I did!
Thank you SSP for enlightening me.



The Power of Mindfulness in School

Mindfulness can add to the quality of our lives in numerous ways, from nurturing a sense of inner peace to improving the quality of our lives, from enhancing self-confidence to facilitating deeper and more meaningful relationships with others.

In children specifically, mindfulness has been found to:

  • mitigate the effects of bullying

  • enhance focus in children with ADHD

  • reduce attention problems 

  • improving mental health and wellbeing

  • improve social skills when well taught and practiced in children and adolescents.


Schools we are currently aligned with


Currumbin State School QLD

Grade 5 & Grade 6

Palm Beach Primary School QLD

Grade 6 TSSP program & Transition Program

Varsity College QLD

After School Program
Grade 3 to Grade 6

Miami Primary School QLD

Grade 4/5/6 Steam program

Testimonials fromTeachers  & Parents


The Sacred Sister Project workshops facilitated by Jo Hendy were enjoyed immensely by our Year 6 cohort. The girls were able to express their feelings and explore their inner thoughts in a safe, caring and supportive environment. Topics covered in Jo’s workshops were relevant to issues faced by girls today and were also in line with our own school’s well-being mission. Jo’s professionalism was admirable and her compassionate nature ensured she developed a wonderful rapport with the girls and they delighted in her visit each week. The girls left each workshop feeling inspired, empowered and valued.

Krystle Devine
Teaching & Learning Coordinator
Palm Beach Primary School

Our Sacred Sisters
Jo Hendy


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The Sacred Sisters and I have created such a strong bond over a short 3 days. Jo and Emma have made a fantastic program for teenage girls. Tears, laughter and joy were shared, and we all learnt so much about ourselves.
J xx


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