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with Jo Hendy


The Sacred Sister Project is a holistic initiative dedicated to nurturing and empowering young girls to become the best versions of themselves. It operates on the belief that every individual already possesses the answers within and seeks to provide a comprehensive approach to support and development. The project encourages a broader perspective of the world and the universe, fostering discussions that go beyond conventional norms.   Through a holistic positive mindset, The Sacred Sister Project aims to guide girls in exploring unconventional ideas, promoting self-discovery, and cultivating a sense of empowerment. It emphasizes the importance of looking beyond societal expectations and encourages girls to embrace a wider view of life, enabling them to navigate challenges with resilience, confidence, and a deep understanding of their inherent value. The project recognizes the potential for growth and self-realization in every girl, emphasizing the significance of holistic well-being in their journey towards becoming strong, confident, and compassionate individuals.

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