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Sacred Sister Mentorship

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Girl on a Penny Board


Why does my mind think that??

Our mind, and our thoughts are powerful contributors to how we think about ourselves, how we act around our friends and how we choose to play in life. In this weeks session, we take a look at how we can separate out from our negative thoughts and start to observe them instead of allowing them to rule us

California Girls


My Beautiful Body - Puberty

Our body is doing crazy things on the inside and also some crazy things on the outside. Let's jump on in and discover what is happening to ME!! This is a beautiful session to not only give the girls a better understanding of their bodies but also empower them to feel confident in their own growing skin.

Girls at Outdoor Party



Energy is like the invisible force that makes things happen. It's all around us, in different forms. Imagine it as the power that helps you run, jump, and even think. From the warmth of the sun to the electricity powering your gadgets, it's everywhere. So, when we talk about energy, we're diving into the cool and powerful stuff that keeps the universe buzzing. Let's explore and tap into your own energy, it's pretty awesome!

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