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Jo Hendy

Founder and Principal

Since my formative years, I have actively engaged with the intricacies of life, navigating through a spectrum of experiences that encompass both exhilarating adventures and challenging moments. If you were to inquire about my character during my adolescence, my peers would likely describe me as the daring individual with a penchant for living fearlessly—a distinctive figure whose adventurous spirit was both admired and, perhaps, considered unconventional by their parents.


Over the past two decades, I have dedicated myself to the study of Personal Development, becoming a certified Practitioner in Childosophy. Additionally, I have recently earned a diploma in Holistic Counselling, specializing in providing support to females.


My life journey has taken me across the globe, and I am privileged to be a mother to two remarkable teenagers while also sharing my life with two incredible stepchildren. A marital relationship of over two decades with my husband has further shaped our commitment to empowering others to lead fulfilling lives.


Believing profoundly that our true potential extends beyond our self-perceptions, I am convinced that unlocking our inherent power allows us to both give and receive love on a profound level. While acknowledging that this transformative process is not without its challenges, I find immense satisfaction in guiding young girls towards a path that minimizes pain and encourages the discovery of joy and reassurance along their journey.

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