Jo Hendy


Jo Hendy

Right from being a young girl I have been pushing and pulling at life.

I have had some real crazy fun experiences and I have also been on the other end of some not so nice experiences too, lets just say that if you asked one of my teenage girlfriends what type of human I was growing up they would most definitely say I was the crazy cat that their parents probably didn’t want them hanging out with but I had this unique way of people loving my adventurous, no fear attitude towards life.

I have studied and still study in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years and also a Practitioner in Childosophy.

I have travelled the world, have two amazing teenage children and two incredible step children. I have been in relationship with my husband for over 20 years and now both dedicate our lives to assisting in others living their best lives.

I know deep within that we are not the person we think we are, we are way more powerful and we have much more love to give and gain from stepping into this power.

This is not something that happens easily and I am under no illusion that it is an easy journey, in saying that I love guiding the girls onto a less painful path that they can find joy and reassurance along the way.



+61 413111171

Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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