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Jo Hendy

Holistic Counsellor

Facilitator - The Sacred Sister project

She not only saw the light at the end of the tunnel, she became that light for others


What is Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling is a form of counselling or therapy that utilizers the whole Mind, Body and Soul. The mind is our ability to connect with our emotional intelligence, our resilience, our creativity, our Intuition and our decision-making abilities. This is the area we tap into when we need to get up and out of bed in the morning, what is our motivation and how do we tap into this. Our Body is all the ways we can discover to relax and also ways we can easily access our energy and stamina. Our Soul, which if we are only focussing on Holistically speaking this is the most important. This entails our purpose, our passion, inspiration and everything outside of the everyday world. This is where the magic lies, the unknown is waiting, and excitement begins. This is where we open our hearts and eyes fully and trust in ourselves at a level we have probably never trusted before. We use tools and techniques to take us on a journey of discovering ourselves, of unravelling beliefs, patterns and thoughts that may have kept us in cages for too long. Holistic Counselling doesn’t necessary focus on problems or symptoms, but rather on clarity of intention and techniques to use moving forward that can support and maintain a healthy outcome, mind, body and soul.



Jo has been working with her Sacred Sister project for 6 years now. In this time she has noticed a big shift in self-esteem, body image, motivation, and inspiration within young girls and we could say, women overall. With social media and the pressures of "being someone or something", it is hard for any girl/woman to feel they are enough, this is the reason Jo wanted to study Holistic Counselling. Holistic counseling is about finding what is hiding inside and behind the beautiful, unique individual that you always have been and are longing to find again. She finds wonderful techniques & strategies that resonate with each individual. These individual tools tap into the true beingness of who you truly are at a heart level and upon realisation of this there is a feeling of freedom, confidence, and self-love

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