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Are your thoughts controlling you?

Do you ever find that some days you just can't get out of your head? We are either thinking about all the shitty things that have gone on in our past (our story) or we are busy thinking about all the shitty things that we think are going to happen in the future. Our thoughts are truly controlling everything we do, say, action, believe, want, have, don't have, don't want... the negative list just could go on, in fact, most of the time it does, it leads us down a dark dreary rabbit hole to nothingness. While all of this is occurring in our heads we are trying to conquer it by reading books, watching youtube, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook looking for the next fix that can help us escape from the dreaded hole that we have gotten ourselves into. This has been a trap for me personally for many years and it is only now that I realised, all I was doing was clouding my mind with more information, and what I really needed to do was just stop for a moment, take a few deep breathes, align with me with my own intuitive thoughts, and let my thoughts float through me like clouds not grabbing hold of anything and not buying into any of them, trying to observe and allow them to come in. You see we cannot stop our thoughts from coming but we can decide who's in control of them, actually we don't even want to control them as then we are still giving them energy, we just want to not own them, not give them anything, don't feed them and be light around them. Imagine them as clouds floating by and soon those clouds will dissipate into nothing. You see if we can learn to observe and allow our thoughts to be free, around everything then that is a great starting place on the journey of self-discovery, we call this

- giving ourselves SPACE.

Love Jo

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