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Being of Service to Others Are you ready to share what you love with the world?

It's a weird thing the words or saying "being of service to others" it has many connotations....

  • Having to get out of bed and do something for mum/dad/sister/brother... actually just anyone!!

  • Putting my dishes in the dishwasher

  • Walking an elderly lady across a busy street

  • Helping someone out with extra change at the supermarket line

  • Just getting off your butt to do anything...

I would love to share what my feelings are around the meaning of these few words.

What if the planet was waiting for you to align with your natural gifts, not in a - "the world will fall apart if you don't" kinda way but just simply waiting for you to find what truly makes you sing, brings you joy, have you feeling blissful always all ways, that thing that just makes you feel fricken epic when you do it!!

When you find it that's when this naturally comes into play. You see we all are so beautifully unique and we all have such wonderful gifts to share with the planet and occasionally we get caught up in life/school/work and forget to stop and stand still long enough to feel what it is we really are aligned with. When we find what it is it is only natural for us to want to share this magnificent gift/feeling with the world, that is the true gift of being of service to others. You see my understanding is this shouldn't be hard or a pain in the arse to do, it should be graceful and a pleasure. There's no rush sweet girl when you find it the light will turn on and there will be magic for you to relish in.

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