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Where my awakening began...

When I was first asked to come to New Zealand to run some Sacred Sister workshops, I was a little nervous but also had this wonderful knowing that something magical was about to occur.

For the first time I was running the workshops on my own without my Sacred sister Emma and that it was all on my shoulders to pull it off.

The baby that I originally had in my mind many years ago and the vision that I had standing at the front of a room full of teenage girls on my own was all coming into play before my eyes.

My Itty bitty shitty committee was coming out to play games with me (for those that don’t know, this is a process we run in our workshops), I wasn’t going to allow her to tell me anything that would have me pop back in my little hole of “not good enough” or “not worthy of”. I quickly had to gather my goddess committee and stand united and empowered in what I know is the true me!!

Our first workshop was on the Monday and I was feeling excited. I got in early to set up my Angel cards and pop the chairs in a circle, I thought I would be generous and set up 15 chairs as the girls started to enter the room they just kept coming…. 21 gorgeous teen girls later, the most we have ever had for a workshop, I knew this was the start of the magic I was feeling earlier.

Fast forward 2 hours and I had 21 girls lying on the floor, in total silence as I read through our second Meditation/Visualisation for the afternoon. I had tears rolling down my face as I had pulled off everything that I had ever wished for.

21 girls feeling filled up, feeling empowered, feeling relaxed and with a little more insight into who they truly are and who they are not.

You see this is where my journey began 23 years earlier, I was blessed to have two New Zealanders come into my life and open me up too many questions that I had no answers too. They shared with me a pathway to better understand myself and the life that I found myself in, so now it is my turn to return that gift and what a magical way to do it in their home land. I left New Zealand with a whole new outlook, I left empowered and Inspired and ready to take The Sacred Sister Project to the next level.

Much Love

Jo Hendy

+61 413111171

Gold Coast QLD, Australia

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